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Our company renders widespread assistance to enterprises in different territories of the economy in order that they can score the most optimum business success both on Hungarian and foreign markets.

During its labour of many decades Pannon Trade Kft. has developed a great deal of experience, good business relations and confidential ties in its sphere of activity.

It strives to transform this sociable capital into “working / current assets” in the interest of economic efficiency of the partners.

This goal is achieved by the evolving the safe financial background of the cooperating companies in addition to their economic, structural conversion, improvement and beside organizing their prosperous marketing activity.

Our company provides the success of the mentioned activities among others with the cooperation of the most qualified/most experienced experts of the individual special fields.

As a result of our widespread experience gained in our export and import work during more than 30 years in foreign trade, we have always proceeded with proprietary solicitude keeping the interests of our principals in mind.