1. Financial, investment consulting

  • Organization of risk capital and other financial capital investments
  • Managing company buyouts
  • Modelling, implementation and controlling of reorganizations
  • Crisis management
  • Tax consultancy
  • Formation of financial and organisational models, rendering their efficacy
  • Investigation of property status, profitability and financial situation
  • Elaborating short-, medium- and long-term financial plans
  • Development of controlling and reporting systems
  • Analyzing, optimization of financing modes
  • Analyzing, improvement of cash management
  • Due diligence, optimization of the organization
  • Survey, updating, development of internal regulations
  • Elaboration, carrying out of turnaround plans
  • Cost analysis and optimization
  • Summing up and optimization of production, sales, service and promoting processes
  • Participation in the operation of Jeremie programs

2. Foreign trade

  • Worldwide export activity
  • Worldwide import activity
  • Establishing of joint ventures
  • Management of offshore enterprises

3. Organization of real estate investments

  • Shopping centres
  • Hotels
  • Office buildings
  • Housing parks
  • Industrial estates
  • Recreation centres
  • Health institutions

4. Market research, market organization

  • Search for partners
  • Evaluation of business possibilities
  • Introduction of companies to the market

5. Dealing with energetic investments

  • Solar energy
  • Water power  
  • Wind-power
  • Natural gas energy
  • Bio energy
  • Modernization of public and interior lightings, rendering them more effective and more economical.