The Company

Consulting activity risk capital investments, financial investments, formation of business cooperation.

Development, realization of bank and financial structures, advising for practical implementation.

Carrying out activities of a bank commissioner.

Marketing activity: based on foreign and domestic orders complete market research in the required section and depth.

Organization of investments in the field of applying renewing energies: solar energy, wind-power, water, gas.

Arranging real estate investments, sales of industrial areas, chains of stores, hotels, green belt settlements.

Expedient networking, establishing relationships for cooperation, search for necessary partners in certain projects, arranging background for investments.

Participation in tenders of the European Union and of Hungary, elaboration of the relevant competition papers.

Full range of foreign trade activities, dealing with export, import and barter transactions; in this respect we always put an end to the affairs.

Some of our partners:

„From stones getting in our way we can build stairs with a little skill.”

Count István Széchenyi

Founders of the company – Dr. Tamás Müller and Gábor Müller – established Pannon Trade Kft. in 1989. Previously they have served in the capacity of different top managers in the internal and foreign trade, in the marketing and advertising branch, among others at Technoimpex, Volvo, Aluminium Trust, the store chain Skála Coop.

Dr. Tamás Müller has technical and economic university qualifications, he acts as lecturer at the university in professional subjects.

Gábor Müller works as specialist in marketing, media, PR and communication fields, he is co-proprietor of the advertising agencies Unique Communications and Unique Media.

Our company displays its activity on basis of the experiences gained during the many decades of its work and based on the thus evolved professional knowledge, with the initiation of the most qualified experts of the individual special fields; the success and reliability of Pannon Trade Kft. rest on this.